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My Sweetie Story by The Simplicity Blog

Edited - December 14th, 2015

"Gift giving season is here and one of my favorite things to give (and get) is jewelry." - Emilee

My Sweetie Story

"I love charm bracelets, especially this one because it is so beautiful. This would make an amazing gift for your mom, sister, wife, best friend or any special girl in your life."


Gift a Sweetie to Someone Special

Dress it Up

"I absolutely love how this bracelet looks because you can dress it up or down. I decided to dress mine up by wearing it with a dress and some heels. I can’t wait to wear it with my favorite holiday sweaters as well. "


Add some sparkle

Initial Charms

"I ended up going for an E, J, and B charm. E is for Emilee, and the J and B charms are for my husband and my puppy. Now every time I look at my cute bracelet, I think of my two most favorite things in the world."


Shop Initial Charms

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