The Moment You Know

EDITED -2 Feb 2017


Valentine’s Day is one of our favourite holidays! It reminds us to celebrate love in every unique way that it shapes our lives. This year, we are celebrating the moment you knew your partner was the one.

Not sure what that moment might be? Be inspired by these sweet moments below.

The Little Things

The moment they knew you and everything that makes you happy.

Sometimes it's the little things that matter more than grand gestures, like the things you have in common that make your bond unique and special.


Embracing Adventure

The moment you did something special and it brought out the purest form of love, when you can be yourself together.

Our Thames collection is inspired by the waves of the River Thames, symbolic of tackling new hobbies or challenges with vigour and trust.


Celebrating Your Successes

The moment you knew you bring out the best in each other with unwavering support.

Our Effervescence collection is inspired by the bubbles of champagne, the perfect memento of achieving a new goal together.