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How Friendship Bracelets Are Made

Edited - August 10, 2016

Have you ever been curious how your favourite Friendship bracelet is made? Discover our video on how the Friendship collection comes to life with hand crafted detail.

Woven by Hand


Each Friendship bracelet is woven by hand and finished off with our signature plait and adjustable toggle.


This universally wearable piece of jewellery is available in the classic size as well as Mini Friendship, with new designs every year, like our contemporary True Friendship collection.

10 Years of Friendship


The original Friendship bracelet was crafted to support a charity event, which after an overwhelming response, sparked the creation of a now iconic collection.


This year, we celebrate the 10th anniversary of Friendship with new styles and reinterpretations of how to wear a spectrum of colours.

The Friendship collection has become a firm favourite around the world. Worn alone or styled in stacks, these iconic bracelets add casual cool to any look.



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