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Privacy Policy


Your details and data
Your privacy as an individual and as a customer is important to us, so we don't use the information you provide on this site to learn any more about you other than what is required to fulfil your orders or offer you services such as new alerts or reminder services.
Links of London does not combine your individual information with any kind of site analysis, but we do look at the overall browsing behaviour of our customers to improve the way the site navigates. We also do not track your behaviour on any other sites or follow you once you've left, but we do use cookies to help us provide a personalized service.

Any personal data gathered by us in your use of this site will be recorded electronically and only used in accordance with the UK Data Protection Act 1998. When Data is gathered and stored by Links of London in the USA, it may be transmitted between the USA and the UK in order to affect delivery of your goods and provide our full customer service to you, as well as to compile accounting and other records.

A cookie is a small file stored on your computer by a web site to give you a unique ID. Cookies help make it easier and faster for you to use our site because it can remember if you've visited the site, and they help us provide you with the information you need about your gift reminders or account details - when and where you need it.
A cookie generated by our site contains no information about you. It contains only a numeric ID that, for example, allows you to retrieve your account details or shopping list. The cookie lets you enter your email and password so you don't have to enter those details again, or it lets you save products to a wish list if available.
In keeping with our privacy policy on customer information, we analyse data gathered via cookies only in aggregate, not at the individual customer level.

Cookie name

Purpose of the Cookie

PII (Personally Identifiable Information)


AddThis buttons make it easy for users to share content with their contacts on Facebook, Google+, by email and other social bookmarking applications. Sometimes users will need to provide personal information to accomplish a task, for instance, send an email using the AddThis button. AddThis will not share this information, and it will be removed from their system automatically after a short period. AddThis does not have access to any other personal information. AddThis collects some non-personal information about the usage of AddThis buttons on the Links of London site - for instance, which buttons were used and on which pages on the website. This data may be used to provide users with personalised content and ads.


Specific Media

Specific Media is an online advertising network.
It uses cookies to check if a user has clicked on one of the Links of London ads and then visited the Links of London website or purchased a product. No personal information is collected at any point. Information about browsers and IP addresses is stored anonymously for statistical purposes only. Information collected will be used to target advertising campaigns more effectively. Specific Media do this by comparing the information relating to a user's anonymous profile against their selection of ad campaigns and choosing the most suitable advert for that user.


Google Analytics

These cookies are used to collect analytical information about how visitors use the Links of London site. All information is collected in an anonymous form.

No personal information is collected or stored by the analytics cookies, however, email addresses present in URLs have been captured in Content reports in Google Analytics. Instructions on how to remove this information from your Google Analytics reports have been provided in the Further Recommendations document.

Session cookie

These cookie are used to identify users between page loads. This allows the Links of London site to remember certain settings, like which products a user has added to the basket. These cookie are destroyed each time a user closes the browser.


Currency preferences

This cookie remembers users' currency preferences (e.g. British Pounds or Euros). This cookie is destroyed each time a user closes the browser.



This cookie remembers which filters a user has applied to search results pages so that they don't have to apply the same filters again as they navigate between pages. This cookie is destroyed each time a user clears the filter settings on the page or closes the browser.



These cookies are used to collect information about website usage in real time. This allows real-time engagement with users and gives Links of London an opportunity to respond to social media events as they happen. These cookies also track traffic levels to site versus your Chartbeat subscription plan.



If a user has a Facebook account, these cookies will allow them to share content on the Links of London site with their Facebook contacts. Users will be also able to tell if they or their Facebook friends 'liked' any content on the Links of London site in the past. The cookies will also send some non personal data to Facebook to gather aggregate information on how people interact with websites that use the Like button. Regardless of whether a user is logged in or not, Facebook do not use the information they receive to create a profile of their browsing behavior on third-party sites or to show users targeted ads, although Facebook may use anonymous or aggregate data to improve ads generally. Facebook delete or anonymise the information they receive within 90 days and don't sell it to advertisers or share it without users' permission.



These cookies collect non-personal information about the usage of product reviews on the Links of London site, e.g. new reviews or review ratings submitted online. These cookies may be used to show users personalised offers or ads. For more information please view Bazaarvoice’s Privacy Policy which can be found at



Doubleclick 'Spotlight Tags' are used to measure the effectiveness of online marketing campaigns for the Links of London. DoubleClick cookie information will not be used in conjunction with any personal information from other Google services unless a user has opted-in and provided consent.

Yes, may link to PII but only if a user has provided opt-in consent.


The cookie information collected aims to increase the relevancy of the ads being displayed to you. We do not target children under 13 years old. We do not process any information which could be used by Struq, directly or indirectly, with the help of a third party or otherwise, to determine the identity of users. The data we collect is also used for reporting purposes, to give our clients and partners more information about the performance of their advertising campaigns, and to improve performance over time. *in compliance with the best industry standards, we use IP addresses for fraud detection purposes (and not for targeting purposes) to help alert us to situations which could not have been caused by human behaviour, such as a massive amount of clicking in a limited period of time.




Email usage
Links of London uses your email address as a convenient way to contact you about your order or any reminder service you have. From time to time, we may update you on relevant Links of London site or new gift news, but only with your permission. We will not pass your details on to any other relevant third parties that we think you may be interested in if you have requested us not to do this.

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