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How To Style Your Neckline

Edited - August 12, 2016

Layering necklaces is an easy way to elevate your look and stand out while expressing your bespoke style. The length of each necklace you use will depend on the depth of your neckline.

The Rule of Thumb

When creating layers, choose a smaller and delicate pendant for the first layer. This necklace will sit at the top of your luxe layers and set up the rest of the chains depending on the neckline of the outfit.

From the choker length of 14” (35.6 CM) to an 18” (45.7 CM) collarbone length, the first layer is often a collar necklace or small pendant.

Layer On

For each added necklace, go longer or larger. Consider adding keepsake charms or engraved pendants to make your luxe layers one of a kind.

These layers can range from just below the collarbone at 20” (50.8CM) to below the bosom with station necklaces at 24” (61CM).

Engravable pendants and whimsical keepsakes add a unique element to your preferred style.

The last layer of necklaces combine length and width to broaden layers in a simple and delicate manner.

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