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A Sparkling New Year's Eve

Edited - December 20th, 2016

New Year's Eve is just around the corner and there's no better way to go into 2017 than with a little sparkle and dazzle as you make your New Year's resolutions and reflect on the years past.


A Concave Perspective


This time of year, we look inward at the growth and accomplishments of 2016 and spread hope of good fortune in the New Year to come. Representative of this outlook, the Concave Diamond collection is filled with hundreds of glittering diamonds in a bespoke concave design that radiate dazzling touches of sparkle outward.


Hope For The New Year


The Hope collection, inspired by new life and the hope it brings, is the perfect way to symbolize the excitement of the new year to come. The delicate egg shape gently cascades in each design to give an elegant and sophisticated style to your ensemble.


Statements Of Adventures To Come


Declare your resolutions to embrace 2017 with an adventurous state of mind with the Amulet collection. Meaningful charms and unique charm carriers harness the power of stones and ancient symbols to guide your new year with luck and good fortune.


Sparkling With Bubbly


Inspired by joy and celebration, the Effervescence collection embraces the essence of New Year's Eve celebrations. Featuring beads of illuminating bubbles inspired by champagne flowing from a freshly-popped bottle, the glamorous design celebrates joy every day of the year.


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