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Valentine's Day Sweetie Story

Edited - January 23rd, 2017

Moments of Love


“There are always certain moments in our life that stay with us and I know for me it's those that are filled with love and happiness. The hand selected charms on my Sweetie bracelet represent love for me.” – Monic Sutter of Simply Sutter


Meeting The One


“The moment I met my husband I had this instant feeling of being complete and honestly the luckiest girl in the world. The Lucky in Love charm truly represents that for me."

Building A Home


“This house charm locket is probably one of my favorites because on the inside it says "home is where the heart is". That saying has really stuck with me especially since building our very first home.”

Puppy Love


“Lastly I chose a terrier charm for the fact that my two puppies (Riley & Bo) are my everything. They always make me feel loved with their abundance of wet kisses.”

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