About Us

Synonymous with bold design and quality craftsmanship, Links reflects the creative energy and diversity of London by uniting its heritage with an elevated, forward-looking aesthetic across its jewellery and lifestyle collections.

Links of London is for everyone who wants beautiful things that express their individual style and connect them with others. Every piece is crafted with the experience of wearing it in mind, resulting in jewellery that feels effortless. A tangible sense of quality is rooted in the thoughtful design and uncompromising craftsmanship – Links pieces are so much more than the sum of their materials.

Even the simplest pieces have an intrinsic design integrity that means you’ll return to them for years to come. Each new collection is made up of pieces inspired by the natural world, art, architecture and beyond. They express a mood, a moment, a way of seeing yourself or a message to someone you love that will resonate now, as well as with our future selves.

Founded in 1990, Links became known for its distinctive designs and fresh approach to luxury which were in sync with the explosive creativity of London’s art, music, film and restaurant scenes at the time. Links disrupted jewellery conventions and led the fashion industry in offering unisex jewellery and lifestyle accessories with a strong design point of view.

As it approaches its 30th anniversary in 2020, Links is entering a new creative era and continuing to innovate. Led by Global CEO Annia Spiliopoulos and creative director Dominic Jones who were appointed in 2018, Links brings a fresh vision of luxury to a new generation.

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