Career Development

The FF Group (US) is committed to enhancing individual and organizational effectiveness by creating a learning environment to offer people the best opportunities and support to develop their knowledge, skills and behaviors, and to manage their career with us.

Our objective is to match the needs of the Company with those who work for us. We believe in training and developing our people and teams to deliver high performance to achieve the Company objectives and demonstrate our People Values, which maximizes job satisfaction for our teams.

Our commitment to developing our employees includes a diverse range of methods; Learning and Development is not simply about providing standard training courses; we support and facilitate many different types of activities in a partnership between the employee and the Company. Each employee is responsible for driving their own learning and they do this by identifying and discussing their training needs with their Line Manager, giving full commitment to taking part in training events, applying the learning and demonstrating improved performance after receiving training. It is our aim, wherever possible, to promote from within the business and all decisions about promotions will be based upon the skills, experience and aptitude of either internal or external candidates.