Behind The Scenes : Ascot 2018

EDITED -May 22, 2018


Come Behind The Scenes of Ascot 2018

Ever wondered how our campaigns come together, or what goes on during a photoshoot? Would you love to see how the design of your favourite Ascot ring begins as a sketch? 

Take a peek behind the scenes of our Ascot 2018 campaign and collection.



Race Day Style

Carefully selected designs are chosen from the Links of London range to compliment the key pieces from our Ascot Collection. 

Our models are adorned with the most lust-worthy pieces from our collections and styled by the team to create aspirational styling images for you to take inspiration from.

For the Ascot shoot, existing pieces from the Diamond Essentials collection were combined with the new Lucky Clover, as well as some of our most loved collections to create elegant and stylish layers, perfect for all your summer occasions.


From Concept To Creation

Each of our special Ascot designs has been expertly designed and crafted by our team, taking inspiration from many aspects of the iconic racing event. The Lucky Clover collection for 2018 draws inspiration from two traditional lucky charms, the clover and the horseshoe, and combines them in the most elegant way.

Beginning as sketches and later transformed into the treasured pieces you see sitting in our stores, our Ascot collection is guaranteed to bring you good luck when it's time to place your bets!