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The Birthstone and Zodiac Charm Collections

Edited - October 20, 2015

Sign Language


There are endless ways to wear your personality, but our new favourite is by highlighting your special day with layered charms.


Our selection of opulent stones and classic gold vermeil pendants will help you define your style and the sign you identify with.

Written in the Stars


The tropical zodiac is popular in Western culture, originating from sectors of the celestial plane.


It is believed you adpot certain personality traits according to your birthday, with the movements of the solar system helping shape events in your life.


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Set in Stone

Though the origin of birthstones has been greatly distanced from their understanding today, they remain a virtuous symbol of your birth month.


The newest addition to our birthday charms are mini birthstones, set in a teardrop polished sterling silver case with a domed back.


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