Our Sweetie Story by Hailey & Paige of The Middle Closet

EDITED -16/03/2017


Already have a Sweetie bracelet and want to update it? Or do you want to start your first charm bracelet? We asked Hailey and Paige of ‘The Middle Closet’ to share the story behind their matching Sweetie bracelets for some inspiration for your own Sweetie story.

Alphabet charm

"M is obviously the first letter of our last name, Middleton. It is also the basis for the name of our blog - The Middle Closet."

Take a cue from the Middleton sisters and wear your surname initial with pride. Letter charms are the perfect way to personalise your bracelet and are right on-trend. We also love the idea of wearing your loved ones initials so they are always close to your heart.


Travel Charms

"We’ve both travelled to many cities throughout the world, and if you were to ask us each to choose our favourite city on earth, it would be London."

Embrace your favourite place in the world with our iconic travel charms. From London to Paris there is a charm for your wanderlust bracelet.


March Birthstone

"Paige and I share a birthday month – March! It’s always been a special time of year for our family. I remember turning 16 the same month Paige turned 21… it was a big one!"

Love your birthday? Make it last longer with treasured charms to mark those special milestones. Birstone, Zodiac and birthday charms make a great gift and will make your Sweetie bracelet unique to you.


Feeling inspired? It’s time to create your own Sweetie story. Chose from hundreds of our whimsical keepsakes, sparkling rondelle beads and mixed metal rings to complete your bespoke Sweetie bracelet. We love the idea of matching bracelets that bring two people close together no matter where they are in the world.

Share your Sweetie Story with us on Instagram by using the hashtag #mysweetiestory for the chance to be featured on linksoflondon.com.