Meet William Farr - Artist

EDITED -21/11/2018


With our focus on all things bright, this Christmas we wanted a light, bright, winter wonderland all of its own. We asked London-based multidisciplinary artist William Farr to imagine and create an opulent, reimagined reality that would really make our jewellery shine this season...

Best known for his ephemeral sculptures made from wire, flowers and waste materials - Farr's work possesses an ethereal quality, fluidity juxtaposing colours and textures. 

We caught up with him to find out how he entered into the art scene, where he gets his inspiration and the creative process behind the Links wild winter wonderland...

Links of London: What led you into a career in art? 

William Farr: For as long as I can remember, I was totally fascinated by the arts. It challenges you conceptually in an abstract way that engages the imagination, making it a never-ending developmental experience.

LL: What is the underpinning ethos to your work?

WF: Controlled chaos. There is no formula; I allow themes to emerge through organically. I like things to come from action because it channels thought and emotion without my mind getting in the way. 

LL: What are your key influences? 

WF: Science, art, music,. It all informs and challenges what I do in different ways.


LL: Nature seems to be a recurring theme for you. Why?

WF: I grew up in the countryside, fascinated with the way humans interact with the earth: the way we carve roads into land, create boxes to live in, organise our existence and separate ourselves from 'nature'. We collectively form a rigid idea of reality - I try to somewhat contradict this, or challenge perceptions of value or materialism.

LL: The flowers and foliage are extremely intricate, what does it take to make each piece? 

WF: Its time consuming - it's not just the process of making the pieces but the process of collecting materials and examining subject matter.

LL: What is the thing you prefer to do during the festive season? 

WF: Stay in bed! I like to stay warm and wait until the weather gets brighter again.