Our Guide to Birthstones

EDITED -04/04/2016


Light up her year with a gorgeous gift or add some sparkle to your own celebrations with our collection of the boldest and brightest birthstones.




Gorgeous Garnet

It’s time to score some major points from the January birthday girl with a gorgeous gift of garnet. 

Named after its resemblance to a pomegranate seed with a history of use in jewellery dating back to the Ancient Egyptians, the intense red of the garnet is thought to represent eternal friendship and loyalty; the perfect present for your best friend.


Amazing Amethyst

Get wise to the amazing attributes of February’s birthstone, the amethyst.

Not only do the gorgeously rich, purple tones make it a real stand-out stone, but rumour has it that it inspires great wisdom and intuition in the wearer. A fact not overlooked historically by European royalty with the amethyst often taking centre-stage in regal jewellery.


Aquamarine Dream

Any hot-headed March babies should shroud themselves in this month’s birthstone, aquamarine.

Derived from Latin meaning water and the sea, aquamarine is thought to cool the temper and promote calm with its pale, cool hue bringing to mind the changing tones of the ocean. Add a touch of aquamarine to your every day and wave good bye to life’s little stresses.


Diamond Days

Few can resist the charms of a sparkly piece of jewellery and for those lucky enough to be born in the month of April there’s nothing quite like a glistening gift of diamonds.

Chic, understated and timelessly elegant, the diamond is symbolic of everlasting love, making them a perfectly passionate present for the loved-one in your life. After all, the best things do come in small packages…


Emerald Green

Turn those around you green with envy with May’s birthstone, the emerald.

Symbolising fertility and recognised by its rich green colour radiating a vivid tone, the availability of high-quality emerald is becoming limited around the world. Little wonder the emerald is one of the most coveted of gems.


Precious Pearl

Elegant, chic and full of class, the natural beauty of June’s birthstone, pearl, is meant to symbolise purity.

The only gem created by living creatures, pure pearls need no faceting or polishing to reveal their shimmering splendour and have been used within jewellery for centuries from the Roman Empire to the ‘pearl age’ of the Tudors. Proof that a timeless piece of jewellery adorned with pearls is a perfectly enduring present for the June baby in your life.


Ruby Red

The depth of colour and rich tones of July’s birthstone make the ruby one of the most desirable of precious gems.

Representing power and good fortune, the ruby is one of the hardest precious gemstones making it durable enough for every day. Twinkly and tough; it’s certainly a lucky July birthday girl that boasts this beauty as her birthstone.


Perfect Peridot

Celebrate an August birthday with a shimmering peridot.

Brought to the Earth’s surface by volcanoes, the vivacity of the lime green hue with just a hint of gold, gives this gem a soft mellow glow that perfectly reflects the warm summer days. No wonder this show-stopping stone is associated with the feel-good thoughts of love, friendship and dignity.


Stunning Sapphire

Get the best kind of birthday blues with September’s birthstone, the sapphire.

Becoming an increasingly popular alternative to diamond, the velvety blue tones of this stunning stone inspired the seemly label ‘gem of the sky’. Eye-catching and dramatic, the sapphire is a symbol of fidelity, making this a poignantly perfect present for the loved-one in your life.


Tourmaline Treats

It’s easy to be pretty in pink with October’s birthstone, tourmaline.

Considered to be the guardian of emotional expression and positivity, tourmaline is much favoured in contemporary jewellery design due to its glorious colour spectrum and facets. And with every tourmaline said to be unique, the delicate shades and tones of this little gem make it a knockout piece.


Citrine Shimmer

Go for style gold with the radiance of November’s birthstone, citrine.

Named after the French for lemon, the golden glow of this gorgeous gemstone is most commonly associated with hope, energy and warmth. It’s enough to add a little bit of sunshine to any dull day.


Tanzanite Trimmings

Pack a polished punch with the brilliant blue of December’s birthstone, tanzanite.

Found exclusively in mines at Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, east Africa, the beauty and luminosity of this rare stone is thought to encourage a happy life filled with good fortune.