Wholehearted Gemstones

EDITED -18/02/2019


Crystals are more than just eye-catching adornments. Since ancient civilisations, humans have been using these beautiful wonders of the natural world to heal mental and physical health, bestow positive energy and unlock their inner power. The Open Heart story from our new Wholehearted Collection – inspired by living and loving fully – is laden with these precious stones.

Across pendant necklaces, rings, cuff bangles and drop earrings, trilogies of cabochon gemstones unite in heart formations over three different colourways: rose gold vermeil set with pink opal, sterling silver with moonstone and yellow gold with lapis lazuli.

But which to choose? Interestingly, you’ll often find yourself drawn to a particular crystal only to discover that it possesses the exact properties beneficial to you in that moment. In the same way that, when in tune with your body, you learn to trust instincts and cravings. Made up of energetic particles emitting the tiniest of vibrations, crystals react to all inputs of energy around them, responding to the natural vibrations in our bodies and making us feel a certain way. Crystals can be viewed as a catalyst for change, a manifestation of your intentions and a way to find focus – so wear your jewellery accordingly.

British crystal healer, reiki master and tarot advisor Tamara Driessen knows all about this, having studied the power of crystals with a shaman in Bali. It’s all there in her newly-published book, The Crystal Code. Thoroughly impressed, we called on her to enlighten us further as we work our way through the Wholehearted collection.


Paired with a warm rose gold vermeil in our Open Heart story, opal is known to enhance emotional intelligence. As Tamara details in The Crystal Code, colour is a key element of each crystal’s personality, with pastels indicating calm, nurturing moods that “create and attract love, kindness, appreciation, compassion and balance”.

The soft pink opals used across these designs encourage you to “open your heart to resolve disagreements”, while promoting “forgiveness, self-acceptance and appreciation.” It’s worth noting that opal is also believed to restore hormonal balance, improve brain function and heighten your sense of perception. “It can awaken your innate psychic abilities,” Tamara says, “opening your third eye to decipher what your intuition is guiding you towards.”



According to Hindu mythology, moonstone is made from solidified moonbeams. While we can’t confirm this (dreamy idea though!), when you consider how the gemstone glows ethereally under light, the theory makes sense. Then there’s the old legend that if you hold a moonstone in your mouth during a full moon you’ll see into the future. Although we don’t recommend doing this with your Links of London moonstones, set in sterling silver across the Open Heart story, the gem is still reported to have powers of intuition to this day.

“Moonstone is associated with the moon and feminine energies,” Tamara says. “It will guide you to tune into your natural cycles and rhythms, as well as turning up the volume to your intuition.” The gemstone is also believed to kick-start your creativity, so next time you’re feeling uninspired, grab your favourite bracelet for some aesthetically-pleasing emotional healing.



True blue lapis lazuli is made up of the minerals lazurite, calcite and pyrite – combined here in the Open Heart story with yellow gold. Used in jewellery since the ancient Egyptians discovered its protective properties, in The Crystal Code Tamara teaches that the rock was even loved by pharaohs, noting that: “Cleopatra wore it as a deep blue eyeshadow glittering with flecks of pyrite.

Though it was more than just a beauty statement, it was also believed to enhance spiritual consciousness.” A visionary stone, Lapis lazuli is said to improve self-awareness, memory, intuition and ultimately a state of inner peace. “It will support you in breaking the chains of self-sabotaging patterns so you can realise your highest potential,” Tamara concludes. A most useful gemstone.