The Wholehearted Collection

EDITED -16/01/2019


Forget what you’ve heard... love is about more than just romance. That omnipotent four-letter word – in whatever shape or form it enters your world – instills an all-consuming desire to seek more, do more, be more. Our new Links of London Wholehearted collection captures this spirit.

A celebration of living and loving wholeheartedly, the collection combines minimalism with symbolism; as contemporary as it is enduring, as meaningful as it is stylish. Made up of three styles – Open Heart, Diamond Heart and Endless Love – our designs call on the ultimate symbol of love, a heart, with hidden meaning that evolves across the collection.

The stunning seven-piece Open Heart story captures the playful spirit of love; from new friendships and fleeting first encounters, to connecting with someone like never before. Across necklaces, rings and cuff bangles, trilogies of gemstones unite to form heart silhouettes, representing the passions and people we hold close. The signature Open Heart Necklace is a beautifully reimagined heart pendant that comes in two sizes and three colourways. Choose wisely based on the healing properties of the cabochon gemstones: rose gold vermeil set with pink opal for compassion, sterling silver set with moonstone for intuition or yellow gold vermeil with lapis lazuli for inner peace.


You’re going to fall for our Endless Love story. Sleek and modern, the design centres around a series of interlocking 3D heart silhouettes in contrasting satin and polished finishes with a piping edge detail. Inspired by the countless love stories unfolding all around you – some fast and there for all to see, others guarded like precious secrets – the bold pieces have a spirited edge and the kind of renegade confidence you can’t help but admire. The Endless Love Choker is a real statement; embracing the neckline with heart after heart and making a powerful impression.


Then there's the Diamond Heart story, which encases delicate white diamonds in 14k rose gold to symbolise the strength and purity of true love. The ethereal Toggle Bracelet sits alongside the classic Bar Bracelet, the beautiful Diamond Heart Ring, a matching necklace and two graceful earring designs. A self-assured elegance and refined sensuality is particularly apparent in the story’s Five Heart necklace; an intricate look linking five diamond hearts on a soft rose gold cable chain.


The Wholehearted collection is designed to allow for maximum creativity, so combine stories and styles, layering jewellery in infinite combinations to embrace what you love, Wholeheartedly.