Winter Styling Tips with Flora Huddart

EDITED -11/01/2019


Let stylist Flora Huddart guide you through the colder months with tips on making jewellery work with your winter wardrobe.

How To Do Layers Right

If you’ve ever tried your hand at layering necklaces, you’ll know that it’s harder than it looks. Here’s layering pro Flora with some words of wisdom: “Begin with the most attention-grabbing piece and build around it. This tends to be the one with the most pendants, such as a simple clean Belcher Chain Necklace carrying your favourite charms. It makes sense to frame this between two others — use the varying necklace clasps to ensure they’re different lengths, avoiding overcrowding and looking messy."

“The Narrative bar necklace makes a lovely statement as the shorter element, while the Essential beaded necklace makes a perfect base layer, with the lovely bend in its shape following the natural line of the décollatage.”


Be Bold, Be Wild

“Bold prints are fabulous for accessorising because they go with anything and everything,” says Flora. “Follow the mood of animal print and go wild when mixing in jewellery — wear bracelets of varying thickness by combining a statement Sweetie with a delicate Diamond Essential bracelet. Same goes for rings — mix gold and silver, combining plain bands with more ornamental pieces. There are no rules!” That said, Flora recommends that you balance out the bold moves with a pair of minimal 20/20 silver hoops earrings to avoid overkill.


Stacks On Stacks On Stacks

The great thing about bracelets is that you can never have too many. Wear all of your favourites, all the time, for all the fun. “A bracelet stack is a moveable feast throughout the day,” Flora explains. “As you move your arms, your bracelets will rearrange in ways out of your control, so it’s key to wear a selection that you love in any combination. They’ll hold in a solid place with a pop of colour, while the Belcher will move its way up and down your arm. Although the Ovals bracelet in black rhodium is an intricate piece, it can slot in and look fabulous just about anywhere thanks to its fluid shape and adjustable metal toggle. The Timeless cuff and the Sweetie XS bracelet make for lovely additional features too.” Ultimate combo!