Advice on Counterfeits

Links of London does not offer its merchandise through individuals, street vendors, unauthorised retail locations or internet auctions. The only avenues in which Links of London offers its merchandise for sale is via, our offical eBay store and our official stockists which can be found here. 

If you purchase a Links of London item from an unauthorised source, Links of London is not required to offer a determination regarding the item’s authenticity. Links of London will not provide specifics on how to determine whether an item is a fake in order to prevent further sale or reproduction of imitation jewellery. The only way to guarantee the authenticity of a Links of London item is to purchase it via the options stated above.

Links of London are actively trying to close down vendors and websites which claim to be genuine. If you know of, or suspect that a website or vendor is not genuine, please submit the web address to and our team will look into it. You can also check the authenticity of a website on – a trading standards initiative designed to give the public confidence about the sites they are purchasing from.

Please be assured that every lead is a priority and investigated as soon as possible. Your assistance is greatly appreciated and sends a strong message to counterfeiters that their illegal activity will not be tolerated.