Gift Guide : February Birthday Gifts

EDITED -11 Feb 2018


February Style File 


Star Sign:  Aquarius 20th January – 18th February / Pisces February 19th – March 20th

Traits: Curious and Creative

Top PicksSweetie 18kt Yellow Gold Vermeil & Amethyst Pave Bead & 18kt Yellow Gold Vermeil Pisces Zodiac Charm.

Beautiful deep purple tones shine from February’s birthstone, amazing amethyst. Impress your loved ones by giving them the gift of wisdom and intuition, qualities that amethyst is thought to inspire. 


Celebrate Your Personality

Are you a typical Pisces or Aquarius?

Celebrate your zodiac traits with a personalised engraved zodiac charm. In 18kt yellow gold vermeil, our zodiac pendant charms feature engraving on both sides, displaying the signs emblem on one and the name of the sign in beautiful italic text on another. Easily added to a classic Sweetie charm bracelet, or an Essentials Yellow Gold Vermeil Chain, the zodiac charms are beautifully versatile. Team them with the Amethyst & Sterling Silver February Birthstone Mini Charm for a piece that is especially for you.


Amazing Amethyst

Part of the quartz family, semi-precious amethyst was considered a symbol of royalty in the Middle Ages.

Amethyst is known for its calming qualities and promoting contentment in its wearers. It is said to invoke wisdom and intuition and fend off negative energies. Boosting creativity and imagination, it helps with putting thoughts into action. It can also protect from negative emotions such as fear and anxiety by attracting positive energy.

February girls are selfless and always willing to give to others, so now is your chance to give something back to them. Birthdays are the perfect time to create something personal – Take a look at our February Birthday Gift Guide for more inspiration.