The Friendship Bracelet Guide

EDITED -12 Jul 2016


She makes the good times better and the hard times easier - your very best friend. We can't think of a more symbolic gift than a friendship bracelet that will always remind her of your forever friendship. Not sure which colour to choose? Explore the meanings behind certain colours to select the one that best represents your special bond.


Deep Blue

For the friend who you can always rely on, the one who is your rock through the hard times.

Blue is strongly associated with depth, stability, trust and loyalty. The perfect colour for your true blue bestie.

Frosted White

The perfect choice for the friend you can always rely on, the one who supports you and guards your secrets.

White is considered to be the colour of perfection, while also representing new beginnings. The perfect gift for a blossoming new friendship.

Forest Green

A symbol of harmony and healing, you can be totally yourself around this friend.

They make you feel calm and at peace, even if you're just staying in and watching a film together with a cup of tea.

Blushing Pink

Whether they're the one you share cocktails with or the latest gossip, the feminine qualities of this colour make it a winning choice for your best girlfriend.

In varying shades, pink can express the passion of a lifelong friendship.

Citrus Orange

Orange combines the energy of red and the joy and enthusiasm of yellow.

If your friend is always the life of the party and keeps you laughing, show them your appreciation with an orange friendship bracelet.

Our favourite way to style a friendship bracelet? With its friends! Other toggle fastened bracelets form an eye-catching stack when you layer cords with sleeker metal styles like our Narrative collection and True Friendship styles. If you're craving a little more texture, our Effervescence XS cord bracelets can add a bubbly detail to your look in whichever precious metal you wish.