Wholehearted Stories : Lauren & Felix

EDITED -4 Feb 2019


Photographer Lauren Maccabee and her painter boyfriend Felix Carr live together in London. Lauren, who used to assist Martin Parr, captures portraits of people being their best selves for fun and fashion; while Glasgow School of Art grad Felix paints large scale dark depictions of strange characters and mysterious shapes inspired by literature. Lauren recently travelled across Scotland shooting for Stella McCartney before settling down to document her friend Charlotte’s pregnancy on film. The series is beautiful. Felix, meanwhile, has a solo show coming up at Berlin’s very cool Achenbach Hagemeier gallery in February. The creative duo have been a couple for seven years and are the very definition of dream team. We caught up with Lauren and Felix – who wear our new Links Wholehearted collection – to reflect on their very first impressions of each other, discuss what drives their passions and ponder the importance of compromise.

Links of London: Do you remember meeting for the first time?


Felix Carr: We met studying Art Foundation in Manchester and I started trying to flirt with Lauren quite quickly.

Lauren Maccabee: It was the first week and we were doing a joint project together. As a joke, Felix started putting papier mache on my skin – I guess trying to flirt with me – but I was allergic to it and my face came out in a rash so I ran away. I didn’t want to tell him.

FC: I thought that I had deeply offended her.


LL: And what do you most admire about each other?


FC: Lauren’s drive and motivation. That and the fact that she’s able to wake up at 7am every day even though she doesn’t have to.

LM: Felix goes to his studio for like four or five days in a row. It’s in the middle of nowhere so he doesn’t really speak to anyone while he’s there. I really admire the dedication.


LL: What drives your passions?


LM: Being surrounded by people who inspire me, particularly with personal projects. I started taking photos of my sister when I was 14, taking the same picture over and over to document her as we grew up together. That’s what got me fascinated with portraiture. I never really felt fulfilled – but in a positive way. That’s what motivates a project, for sure; discovering what else there could be.

FC:I basically got to a point where I realised I had become totally obsessed with painting and that it was all I could do. Now I like to share my passions with other people and develop new versions of each other’s creativity. I’m always trying to learn more about painting and approach it differently; it’s kind of like a puzzle that I don’t think anyone will ever be able to solve.


LL: What’s the best advice that anyone has ever given you about l-o-v-e?


FC: My parents taught me about compromise – how compromise is probably one of the main factors in maintaining a solid relationship.

LM: Patience. Which could sound negative, but I think is actually quite a positive thing.


LL: Which love story, real or fictional, do you consider to be the greatest of all time?


FC: Bridget Jones. I’m not really sure why, it just hits all the right buttons.

LM: Felix loves rom coms and chick flicks more than anyone I know.

LL: Which pieces from the Wholehearted collection were you particularly drawn to?


LM: The Endless Love Drop Earrings. I hadn’t seen anything like them before. Felix ended up wearing the silver Endless Heart hoop earrings.

FC: I usually wear a couple of regular silver rings in my ears, so I like the fact that this one is quite subtle while also being a cutesy heart.


LL: What styling tips would you give to someone wearing this look?


FC: I’d pare mine down with a monochrome number; a black shirt with the necklace out. The watches would go with a nice shirt and some smart trousers.

LM:I love to put on as many necklaces as I can. It’s always nice to have a pop of colour too, and some of these have gemstones in, which is great alongside some simple gold chains.


LL: Finally, have you ever had a heartfelt encounter with a stranger?


FC: I feel like you meet a lot of people on the train, Lauren.

LM: I do! Every other train journey I seem to meet someone that I end up having a really intense conversation with, usually about the politics of the world. Through photography, you end up working with a lot of strangers and part of the job is making people feel comfortable. I like to think that strangers feel they can open up to me.