New Year's Resolutions

EDITED -4 Jan 2019


Stop scrolling, start strolling, finish that book, call your loved ones more and take long, hot baths. Make time for ‘me time’. You seriously deserve it.

Practise Self-Care

To skip the stress, find simplicity with an appreciation for nature, meditative moments and ideally a combination of the two. Feel anxiety building up inside? Escape somewhere peaceful — whether five minutes in your local park or a weekend in a quiet country cottage — and breathe deeply. Learn to enjoy your own company.

Do exactly what you want to do, and stay straightforward with everyday staples like the Classic Links of London necklace, a Narrative bar necklace and a Timeless bracelet or two. The Ovals necklace and bracelet in black rhodium and white topaz, are best worn close and often. Keepsake items to keep you grounded.


Treat Yourself (To New Accessories)

New year. New you. New treasures.

For guaranteed good fortune as you power on into 2019, treat yourself with good luck charms. From the Amulet Self Discovery charm for introspective individuals to the Lucky in Love bi-metal clover, we’ve got your back

Perspective is everything, so regularly reflect on your achievements in life and reward yourself for them. So why not treat yourself to something new like our Effervescence watch or our Hope bangle?


Be Nice — It’s Underrated

Be thoughtful. Be nice. Be 2019.

Kind people are happy people. You never know what the strangers you rush past in the street are going through; be considerate, speak up for those who can’t and always do the right thing.

Don’t forget to check in on your friends and family either. Show your favourites just how much you value them with a grown-up take on the Friendship bracelet. Get matching ones with a special someone, or choose one in every colour and gift to those that make your life that much better.

Level up with an engravable Narrative pendant or a meaningful diamond number. Truly a gift worth treasuring, because this time it’s personal.