Our Guide to Watches

EDITED -6 Jun 2016


From sleek and sophisticated to cool and contemporary, our men’s and women’s watch collections exude statement-making style. So, if you’re deciding which watch to choose, take time out to explore our breakdown of the different types of investment timepieces.

Form & Function

In simple terms, a chronograph combines the additional feature of a stopwatch within a display watch and is capable of measuring two different times independently of one another.

With function and precision at the heart of its design, the chronograph features stop, start and reset push buttons on the side of its face to control the timer element.

Stemming from the Greek term for ‘time writer’ the chronograph function was first invented in 1816 and was originally used in aviation, horse racing and even medicine.


In the Driver's Seat

Inspired by motorsports in the sixties, the driver was originally dedicated to the world of car racing.

Modern-day designs of driver watches continue to boast a sporty appearance that is often reminiscent of a dashboard with an easy-to-read face and push-buttons that are large enough to manipulate when wearing gloves.

Swiss Made

Like leather is to Italy and champagne is to France, Swiss-made watches have become synonymous with quality, style and excellence.

Having dominated the luxury watch market for nearly 200 years, the Swiss have simply perfected the production of the timepiece ensuring precision craftsmanship, absolute accuracy and a refined finish.

In order for a watch to be recognised as Swiss made, it must meet three requirements:

1. Have a Swiss movement

2. Be cased in Switzerland

3. A manufacturer of Swiss origin.