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Our Guide to Diamonds

Edited - April 21, 2016

Everyday Diamonds


The subtle sparkle of diamonds is no longer out of reach. Add some sparkle to your look with our collection of pavé diamond pieces.


Featuring signature designs set with shimmering champagne, white, black or blue diamonds, each individual creation is chic, understated and timelessly modern.


Formed from pure carbon, diamonds are the hardest known substance found deep within the earth.


Of all diamonds mined, only half are of gem quality and even fewer large enough to be turned into a perfectly polished stone.

What is pavé?


Shimmer and shine with a setting studded in tiny gems.


Effortlessly wearable, accessible and understated, pavé diamonds are a group of uniformed-sized stones set tightly together to give the effect of one continuous shimmer.



For years, our love affair with bright and brilliant diamonds has held an enduring place in our hearts.

Diamonds of Colour


Explore the kaleidoscope of coloured diamonds.


Known as fancy-coloured diamonds, these precious gems are becoming increasingly popular in contemporary jewellery design with their enticing blend of opulence, uniqueness and modernity.



Fancy-coloured stones have stepped up their style-stakes and are taking centre-stage.


Our spectrum ranges from the unusually rare blue diamond to the naturally tough form of the black diamond and the unique shimmer of the champagne diamond.

Found across our collections of Diamond Essentials, Hope, Sweetie and Effervescence, discover our diamonds and add a sparkling statement finish to your everyday style.



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