Our Guide to Pearls

EDITED -Jun 15, 2016


Tap into the epitome of elegance and style with our edit of lustrous pearl pieces. Adorning designs across our signature Effervescence, Keepsakes and watch collections, our pearl creations are sophisticated, flawless and eternally chic.


The only stone created by a living creature, pearls are formed when a small object such as sand is embedded in the tissue of an oyster or mollusk.

Thought to symbolize purity, innocence and ever-lasting love, pearls have been used in jewelry for centuries.


Wild pearls are extremely rare and expensive, but their enduring popularity has led to the development of freshwater or cultured pearls.

Freshwater pearls are manufactured by a technician to stimulate the growth that occurs naturally.



Found within our watches, cufflinks and charms, the luminescent beauty of Mother of Pearl adds a decorative detail to each piece to dazzling effect.

Formed from a blend of minerals that are produced by oysters and other mollusks, its multi-colored hues glimmer from white to pink to green giving it a distinct and instantly recognizable finish.


From the more familiar radiant whites to the rarer black beauties, the world is your oyster when it comes to the color of these freshwater wonders.

Found in just about every hue along the shimmering spectrum, the color is entirely dependent on the species of the mollusk and the color of its shell.

Though the color of a pearl has very little impact on the actual quality, the perceived beauty of it only enhances its value and adoration.


A symbol of refined elegance, pearls are showcased in classic designs making them perfect for keeping as precious family heirlooms to be passed down throughout generations. Its iconic and timeless appeal has found itself in modern designs, mixed with contemporary detailing and vibrant colored diamonds.