New Generation Pearls

EDITED -Apr 4, 2019


Looking at images of Links of London’s new Orbs collection, it seems as if the choice of model Elfie Reigate (@elfiereigate) and the Kew Gardens glasshouse setting was almost pre-destined. The luminous, organic quality of the freshwater pearls feels like a natural extension of Elfie’s modern-Botticelli look and the curving lines of sterling silver echo the intricacy of the 19th-century architectural ironwork.


There’s an assertive feminine energy to the pearl-embellished Orbs designs that’s in tune with Elfie’s 21st-century urban-pixie aura. The 19-year-old daughter of 1990s supermodel-turned-nutritionist Rosemary Ferguson and contemporary artist Barry Reigate, Elfie’s first moment in the spotlight was as one of Kate Moss’s bridesmaids in 2011.

Although Elfie’s look is her own, these shots of her wearing Orbs pearls evoke the fragile beauty and gritty edge of iconic images of the teenage Kate Moss. It is that sense of external radiance combined with inherent strength that the Orbs pieces embody.

The collection is an industrial and graphic take on the notion of renaissance – literally meaning rebirth and referring to the era of cultural progression after the Middle Ages when pearls were prominent. London photographer Laura Jane Coulson (@laurajanecoulson) translated that fresh, progressive spirit by shooting on film – rather than digitally – to create a warm, spontaneous mood. Note how the pearls catch the natural light as it slides between the lush greenery and the neo-gothic ironwork. Kew Gardens’ Temperate House, the world’s largest Victorian glasshouse which was restored and reopened in 2018, is home to thousands of rare plant species and made a symbiotic setting for Links of London to present its Orbs collection – pearls reborn for a new generation.