8 Ways To Wear Pearls Now

EDITED -Apr 4, 2019


1. When More is Less


It may be counter-intuitive, but wearing multiples of delicate pearl pieces all at once creates a low-key casual feel whereas wearing one single piece makes more of a classic statement. Style a selection of Orbs pieces at your ears, neck and wrist grounded with a loose-fitting, stone-washed denim jacket.


2. For a Weekend Refresh


Adding layers of pearls brings modern feminine energy to a simple T-shirt and jeans. The Orbs pieces – each distinctive in its geometry – work together to create a harmonious effect that isn’t fussy or overcomplicated. The roundness and lustre of the Orbs ear cuff, choker and rings interact with androgynous wardrobe staples to achieve a fresh, of-the-moment attitude.


3. To Amplify Spring Colours


Off-kilter colours – think mustard yellow and violet purple – are key for spring/summer 2019. Use the delicate glow of Orbs pearl pieces to bring a pretty, fresh feel to bold hues. Note how the luminous surface brightens the intensity of season’s saturated colours.

4. From Brunch to a Late Gallery Event


Relaxed tailoring over an evening-ready top ticks all the boxes for day-to-evening dressing – a selection of Orbs pieces adds a considered element of detail that’s sufficiently understated for a morning appointment and still feels special at a social gathering. Make an eclectic teaming of pearls and gold jewellery part of a contemporary, go-anywhere look.




5. To Express Yourself


Use pearls to put a personal stamp on a utility-inflected jacket and statement skirt. An Orbs choker softens the neckline of a boxy jacket and the corresponding earrings amplify the effect. Wearing distinctive jewellery brings a customised feel to your styling that goes beyond seasonal fashion trends.

6. For Candlelit Allure


Bring compelling depth and texture to a glamorous plunging neckline by curating an edit of gold pieces mixed with freshwater pearls from the Orbs collection. The natural iridescent finish of the organic gems casts a flattering glow against the skin and the overall impact is heightened by the interplay of glinting lines and curves.


7. To Draw Focus


Jewellery has the power to create engaging moments and earrings in particular should work in synergy with your bone structure. Hoops bring subtle symmetry to your features and the roundness has a softening effect. The medium Orbs hoop earrings do this beautifully, draw focus up to your face and are easy on the eye – consider adding a delicate ear cuff for a further grace note.

8. For Fun


The inherent elegance of pearls means they carry a tasteful, discerning air even when styled in unexpected combinations with other jewellery. Give yourself a license to play and enjoy how they bring a dynamic sense of femininity to your casual rota.